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Hardware operating system is getting shape

Our VHDL based operating system is getting shape, as we are doing progress.
Our Beta-release will be used for Xilinx FPGA SoCs, namely for XCVU37P.
We also keep in mind the conversion to the new 3DSoC technology from Skywater.
The kernel consist of 4 main parts, each with a specific purpose as follows:

1. the kernel, for processing Tipalo dedicated SP-NN, Self-Programmable Neural Nets
2. the connectivity, for Tipalo dedicated SP-NoC, Self-Programmable Network on Chip
3. Interfaces, supporting only Ethernet-based external interfaces
4. Memory access, supporting on-chip HBM2 and external DDR4 memory

THe conversion from FPGA-SoC with integrated HBM2 to 3DSoC will be possible,
only for the first 3 main components, means without the mentioned memory access.
The 3DSoC has an on-chip memory as ReRAM, means we would also use it for storage,
excellent for embedded systems, and eliminating the need for external storage.

 Tipalo - Conversion from FPGA to 3DSOC.pdf

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