We are currently developing a new technology for pattern recognition, with space, time and logic.
Therefore our technology, as well as our company, is called Time based pattern logic.
Our new computer technology is implementing an own design based on our R&D results,
it creates a human alike pattern recognition, represented in an own hardware and software.

This technology stores all its components and results in an own pattern on-chip database,
which has an own integrated, also software driven self-learning mechanism.
In addition, it uses a time based (retrospective) memory with a corresponding logic,
to store, retrieve and use the acquired knowledge via an own self-learning mechanism.

Based on this new technology, we are developing own software based on FPGA-SiPs,
means logic FPGAs containing integrated HBM2 ICs within the same package.
Our Tipalo technology enables massively parallel computing with the on-chip memory,
evtl. also with external memory, as it also uses only a very low working frequency.

As a comparison, conventional computing technology uses serial programming with GHz frequency,
as a dedicated CPU/MCU, which is connected to an external memory, such as RAM and  NVRAM.
In addition, there are NO biological inspired mechanism, like self-learning or self-assembly,
only some specialized algorithms, for a before well-defined single purpose, as external programs.

See our Tipalo AI technology description