Welcome to Tipalo

 Tipalo GmbH is a Swiss LLC,

where the name stands for :

Time based pattern logic

We are a start up IT company,

with own hardware + software,

to pioneer logic applications.

We develop a new IT technology

for machine based logic using

an own self-learning mechanism.

Tipalo GmbH - what we do

Taking the biological neural nets as a template for software development,
Tipalo has created a completely digital biomimetic model of the brain,
enabling hereby living machines, which can act fully autonomous,
being capable of self-learning, only by reacting with the environment.

This biological inspired model is digitally implemented in hard- and software, as
Time based pattern logic, programmed in VHDL for FPGA SiPs as neural nets,
which form together higher forms of organizational structures and hierarchies,
used as ANS - Artificial Nervous Systems, with own self-learning mechanism.

The basic underlying principle of our digital biomimetic model of the brain is as follows:
"Many small things, which react permanently with each other in a space, build together a bigger object."
Therefore, our model creates an own space and time flow, where objects can interact with each other,
while the self-learning mechanism is the result of the internal interaction between the neural nets.

Hereby some thoughts about biological intelligence and biologically inspired engineering.

Intelligence background

Intelligence can only exist in an environment as being part of an object with a certain given structure.
An object receives different types of signals from the outside world by using specific sensors, which will
transform these signals into internal information and send them further to the embedded body intelligence.
The intelligence will process the information and will generate a response to this stimuli by sending new
information to specialized body components, which on their side will cause a body reaction, forming a cycle.
This is the process we know today about biological intelligence, from insects via mammals to humans.

Some FACTS become obvious in this case:

1. There is an environment containing many objects of different size and complexity.
2. There are some objects, consisting of different connected components.
3. Inside certain objects there is a specialized component, which does intelligence.
4. The structure of intelligence is given by certain elements, which build a system as networks.
5. The purpose of every intelligence is the cooperation with all the other body components,
by performing its own specific tasks; means receive, process and send information.


Intelligence is a system of elements connected to other components of a certain given body.
Intelligence is always active, means the processing is real-time, all-the-time and stand-alone.
Intelligence adapts to new requirements, by developing its own specialty, namely to process information.

Intelligence framework

There is a time flow, during which the matter reacts and adapts itself. (= time based processing)
The result of the adaption is the self-organization to meet the requirements. (= specialty)
The periodical adaption to various new stimuli is called evolution.(= self-learning mechanism)