Tipalo® - Time based pattern logic


When we encounter AI, we try to compare its logic with the level of intelligence of an educated adult person.
AI means Artificial Intelligence, but until today, there is no definition of what intelligence is, biological or other.
There is no explanation how biological neural nets are creating and developing higher forms of organization.

We urgently need to reassess and extract the analog logic of biological functions in the brain, in order
to use it in digital AI products and services. First understand the basic principles, afterwards develop
a viable theory about general intelligence, then create a new technology, from inception to production.

The creation of a general-purpose AI is the ultimate goal, in order to reproduce the functionality of a
(human) brain. If human intelligence can be digitally reproduced, then intelligence should be portable
in both ways, from human to AI and back. This way we could easier understand, explain and accept AI.


Tipalo GmbH is a Swiss LLC, the name stands for Time based pattern logic.
We are an AI startup, with own hardware + software, to pioneer logic applications.
We develop new technology for machine-based logic using our own self-learning mechanism.
The complexity of our neural net-based software is the equivalent of an Artificial Nervous System.


Tipalo is developing software technology with biological features:

PNN - Programmable Neural Nets
SPL - Self-Programming Logic
SLM - Self-Learning Mechanism
ANS - Artificial Nervous System

AI product

General-purpose AI as digital bio-brain.
Autonomous exploration of the surrounding environment.
Knowledge accumulation via own experience.
Living machine as embedded system with body and self-learning brain.

AI product lines

1. robodog, for intruder detection and landscape exploring + surveillance
2. drone, for autonomous delivery and landscape exploring + surveillance