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The value of any intelligence, biological or artificial

Today, we hire and fire intelligent staff all the way, without any feeling of remorse for the people,
because we use biological intelligence just as a commodity in order to achieve economic goals.
So, humans can be easily rejected, as they are only carriers of required knowledge and skills.
This is only possible on planet Earth, because people are here available at the lowest cost.

However, in environments with harsh conditions like radiation or even in outer space,
the costs of labour with knowledge, suitable skills and adequate training are skyrocketing.
In order to enable human exploration in space, astronauts are needed, quite a few of them.
Every one has to be trained min. 10 years, in expensive simulators, at the end only 1 of 20 is taken.

What has this got to do with anything? Well, machines can do a lot of routine work,
but when intelligence is required, humans are needed, there is no way around it.
Regarding locomotion, a human driver is always required, even as only remote.
Fully self-driving autonomous vehicles are not available, as problems remain unsolved.

Today, intelligence is hard to explain due to the various possibilities of a biological brain, animal or human;
we do not have any explanation at all about how it works, let alone present a theoretical concept,
therefore it is really difficult to develop a general purpose AI and the appropriate computer technology,
BUT ...once we see a working AI prototype, we will need to reassess the value of INTELLIGENCE.

The ideal AI

Machines should carry out that work, which we humans categorize as
dangerous, annoying or too exhausting; or where humans can not survive.
Machines should not have own necessities or emotions, like animals for example.
Machines are build with the purpose to do only what and when we want them to do.

There is a family with only one child. The father is permanently at work,
while the mother lives at home only for the child. When the child needs something,
never mind what, then the mother will supply it with full attention and understanding.
No problems, no disturbance, no preaching the gospel, time delays or "I can not or I don't know".

The "Always Only For Me Working Father" is the energy source for the "Big Mama",
which builds the BEHAVIOR OF AI towards us humans, represented by the spoiled child.
Thinking is usually used as a tool, to fulfill our actual, always changing necessities and to satisfy our
short-lived, always arising emotions. Who tends to think about the consequences of such a behavior?

We build machines after our poor imagination about some few parts of the world
and according to our social behavior however with the claim of economic benefit.
Are these not ideal conditions to build and use independent AI, thinking but lifeless,
empathic but with no feelings of its own, but in any case without any social rights?

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