Tipalo - AI products


The following Tipalo® AI product lines can be purchased online, while the shop requires a user registration,

which will be granted only after perusal, e.g. company, country of origin, body, usage, application area, etc.

The estimated product avaliability is 2021, further information will be released at product launch.

MVP - Minimum Viable Product

This MVP shows the possibilities of an embedded system,

a body framework containing  internal organs, sensors and actors,

while using the latest Tipalo AI technology as digital brain

namely the real-time operating system OP-L1

and the first Artificial Nervous System ANS-L1,  

which is the equivalent of a biological insect.

This MVP has an internal SLM, Self-Learning Mechanism,

which allows the autonomous action within a certain environment, e.g.

    a. activity space, e.g.

    - parks and biological landscapes with grass, bushes, trees, etc.

    - urban area with streets and small buildings, consisting of hallway, rooms, etc.

    b. small-range radius, between 1 - 10 km2,

Body for embedded system

1.quadruped robots

2. autonomous drones

Application areas

1. as test object for exploring the Tipalo® AI technology

     for universities, research institutes, media organizations, etc.

   2. as vehicle in production

      - for companies with the purpose of surveillance, delivery, etc.


1. as a product, embedded systems with fully equipped body including the digital brain

2. as a service, by placing the brain in the cloud and remote controlling the fully equipped body