Tipalo - AI overview



General-purpose AI as digital brain, containing the following 2 major software components:

     1. Operating system for general-purpose AI

     2. ANS - Artificial Nervous System for AI

     where both operating system and ANS have different levels of complexity

     a. operating system OP-L1 and ANS-L1 with complexity level L1 ~ equivalent for biological insects

     b. operating system OP-L2 and ANS-L2 with complexity level L2 ~ equivalent for biological mammals

     c. operating system OP-L3 and ANS-L3 with complexity level L3 ~ equivalent for biological primates

Tipalo offers AI based products and services

1. AI products

which are embedded systems consisting of 2 major parts:

a. brain, with :

- operating system

- customed ANS for the corresponding body

- level of intelligence

b. body, with:

- sensors, e.g. camera for video

- actors, e.g. limbs

- organs, e.g. brain, rechargeable battery as energy source

2. AI services - requires a connection to sensors and actors

consisting of 3 major parts:

a. brain, which is in the cloud and can be accessed via Ethernet

b. sensors, which feed the brain

c. actors, which receive the processed commands from the brain