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White Papers - for download

1. Business concept
This paper contains the description of the business and corresponding products
It is available only in ENG(lish) language
2. Technology overview
This paper contains an extract of the software technology we have created,
which is based on an entire new concept, suited only for parallel processing.
These thoughts were written from 2000 till 2003, but their content is still actual.

This extract contains the following:
Paper One. Artificial intelligence – theoretical background
Paper Two. Description of the new concept
Book One. Extract

This document is available in the following languages:
ENG - English
GER - German, with an additional abbreviated version of chapter 1 of Book One

 Project AWAKE Business concept - 2019.pdf
 Projekt AWAKE - 2006 DE Technologie Ueberblick.pdf
 Walter Crismareanu Project AWAKE Technology Overview.pdf

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