27.08.2019, 22:03

Philosophy is the mother of all sciences

In Western culture, the single individual is more important than the group, while in Asian civilizations, the group is more important than the individual. Why is this relevant with reference to an ANS? Well,...   mehr

27.08.2019, 17:13

Self-learning mechanism requires something alive

Self-learning mechanism is valid only for living creatures. Why is that? Well, life is a space with matter inside, delimited by something from the outside. In our case, that something is what we call a border,...   mehr

28.06.2019, 13:45

What is the structure of a brain within an ANS? Part 2

Now that we have an embedded system, means the body hardware, which consists of sensors, actors and internal organs, we will have to connect this body to the brain, means the FPGA board, where we will then...   mehr

30.05.2019, 21:58

How does one create and implement an ANS? Part 1

An ANS - Artificial Nervous System, is similar to a BNS - Biological Nervous System, therefore a comparison between a digital implementation and its corresponding analog counterpart is very useful. First of...   mehr

25.04.2019, 16:45

Features of the VHDL real-time operating system, to enable ANS, Artificial Nervous System

Here are some figures to describe the performance of this operating system: __1. only neural nets will be processed, enabling massive parallel execution 2. aproximately 4000 neural nets can be performed...   mehr

23.04.2019, 17:33

VHDL real-time operating system for neural nets using FPGA SiP with HBM2

Design start for the new operating system, programmed entirely in VHDL, which will be integrated within the embedded system as a digital brain, connected with sensors, actors and internal organs of the body...   mehr

12.04.2019, 14:34

1st Xilinx SiP - XCVU37P : FPGA + HBM2

Tipalo has purchased 1st Xilinx board VCU128, with Xilinx SiP - XCVU37P, as FPGA + HBM2   mehr

03.03.2019, 14:32

FPGA Board with HBM2, as the hardware basis for an embedded artificial brain

We are about to acquire the first FPGA board with HBM2, which will be used to develop our first prototype with ANS software, fully with own neural nets only, building together with the corresponding hardware...   mehr

25.02.2019, 14:31

New Website

Today we start our new website   mehr