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07.08.2020, 09:50

What the AI Chip Market is All About

A very interesting analysis about current and future AI technologies   mehr

29.05.2020, 08:07

4 Things Today’s Engineer Must Know

A chat about AI and others with Daniel Cooley, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Silicon Labs   mehr

22.05.2020, 11:48

Entering the Era of Real-Time AI

In this article , Adam Scraba, the director of product marketing at Xilinx, is presenting some insight and opinion, amongst others, about the "The...   mehr

27.01.2020, 11:33

Going on the edge

Leti’s CEO talks about edge AI, FD-SOI and other topics. At the end, some statements about the future AI:   mehr

20.09.2019, 11:17

Groq: No Show at AI Hardware Summit

The paragraph "Building a new brain", contains very some valuable information for startups, concerning the big issues to build a general...   mehr

24.06.2019, 11:43

Detailed description of actual AI concepts based on math

At the end of the article, our comments and the author's reply   mehr