Welcome to Tipalo

 Tipalo GmbH is a Swiss LLC,

where the name stands for :

Time based pattern logic

We are a start up IT company,

with own hardware + software,

to pioneer logic applications.

We develop a new IT technology

for machine based logic using an

own self-learning mechanism.

Amongst many other things, logic always implies, the dynamic "IF" clause triggered within a decision context,

e.g. "IF condition(s) THEN action(s) ELSE other action(s) ENDIF", as part of a processing routine for flow logic,

containing comparison(s) with associate action(s) for the different branches within the given embedded system.

Even if for many "experts", their own ignorance is bliss, statistics is NOT logic, ONLY some average values,

e.g. 6 lines each 1m long PLUS 1 line only .3m long, are statistically in total 7 lines, each with an average length of .9m,

BUT unfortunately, as a matter of fact, among all the 7 lines, there is no single line with an individual length of .9m